Gabriel Kressin Palacios

What are the algorithms of the mind?

  • PhD Student @Johns Hopkins University in the Honey lab.
  • Broadly interested in the different topics within Psychology / Computer Science / Cognitive Science and Neuroscience.
  • Undergrad in Computer Science @Freie Universit├Ąt Berlin.
  • Previously Student Assistant doing Relation Extraction (NLP) at DFKI.


  • Psychological Momentum.
  • Subsymbolic connectionist models.
  • The Zeigarnik Effect.
  • Representations in the Mind and Artificial Neural Networks.
  • Algorithmic descriptions of Event Cognition / Situation Models.


I am dedicated to becoming a researcher at the intersection of Computer Science, Cognitive Science, Psychology and Neuroscience. I want to understand the workings of the human mind and eventually use that knowledge to create technologies that improve our living conditions.

I am deeply passionate about discovering and implementing the algorithms behind perception, cognition and behaviour.

Being in the middle of forming the foundation of my future scientific career, I am learning about new topics and absorbing all advice, experiences and lessons I can.

Full of ideas, ambitious plans and a probably hopelessly overly idealistic worldview, I am trying to reach for the stars. Let’s see what the future holds.

Fun ‘facts’

  • People tell me I look shorter on Zoom than in Real Life.
  • Yes, I started growing my hair before Corona.
  • No, I still have not found the right hair routine.
  • I was (second degree) uncle before I was born.
  • Because I grew up bilingually, I sometimes confuse numbers in the range of 60-99: in German you say the last position first. In Spanish it is the other way around (It is interesting that I only noticed the phenomenon for numbers >60).
  • I seem to be bad at deciphering what people say, even though my hearing itself is good (according to some doctor in Berlin…).
  • The best Hot Chocolate place in Berlin.
  • Yes, I like the US.
  • Put on 80/90/00s music and I dance, dance, dance.
  • My metabolism does not abide by the laws of the universe, if I eat a piece of cake I gain double of it’s weight the next day.
  • Luckily, I lose weight as fast as I gain it.
  • Yes, my phenotype is the analog of mixing coffee with milk.
  • I am bad with names AND faces, but I am not prosopagnosic.